Navigating Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Franchise vs Starting From Scratch

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve initiated several ventures, both from scratch and via franchises, in varied sectors like financial services and health and wellness. A common thread that connects many of the clients I work with is their aspiration to transition from corporate life to business ownership. The critical question I’m often asked is: “Should […]

The Ultimate Guide to Differentiating Business Coaching From Strategy Coaching

Are you struggling to decide between business coaching and strategy coaching? Well, you’re not alone. Entrepreneurs, franchisees, and business pioneers like you are often knee-deep in challenges, be it cash flow nightmares, marketing mazes, or the eternal struggle of team building. Enter the coach. But wait a minute—what’s the difference between business coaching and strategy […]

Why Having an Exit Strategy is Crucial: Developing a Plan that Works for You

When you start a business, it’s easy to get consumed by the day-to-day operations and forget that having a plan is important. One crucial strategy that often gets overlooked, and is typically underappreciated, is creating an exit plan within your business plan. An exit strategy is an important tool for any business owner, as it […]

Dual Identity: Should a Franchisee Craft Their Own Mission Statement

Franchising offers aspiring entrepreneurs a gateway into business, providing a tested blueprint for success. A cornerstone of this model is uniformity—ensuring that customers receive a consistent experience regardless of the franchise location they visit. The franchise’s overarching mission statement is central to this uniformity, articulating the brand’s purpose, promise, and values.  However, I often discuss […]

Distinguishing Between a Mission Statement and a Statement of Your Mission

In business, understanding and effectively communicating your company’s mission is pivotal. This encompasses not only crafting a compelling mission statement but also a clear Statement of Your Mission. Though related, these terms are not interchangeable and serve distinct purposes in guiding a business towards its overarching goals. Key Differences: Mission Statement: Statement of Your Mission: […]